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A Little Something For Everyone

So what do we do? We make a range of more than twenty differently flavoured chocolate caramels and three flavours of traditional toffees.

Our traditional toffees are nice and chewy but not rock hard. Chocolate caramels are produced by adding imported chocolate to very high-quality toffee, creating a soft, rich, decadent product that is soft on the teeth and has a fantastic mouthfeel. We then use our own product to produce Milk- and Coffee Magic, a unique flavouring that can be used in both coffee and milk, all our innovative and genius savoury – and wine-infused slabs as well as the Gift Slabs.

 Customization is our game and we love making exclusive wedding favours and gifts for all occasions. As our product does not melt the way chocolate does, we recently entered the turndown market as we see tremendous potential there. 

We also produce savoury pecan nuts, pecan brittle, pecan chocolate clusters and caramelised pecans.

About Us

Exclusive Hand Made Confectionary

Due to the Covid Lockdown in 2020 New Beginnings Toffees closed down. The equipment was moved to Orania in the Northern Cape and a new company was registered namely Ougoud Beleggings (Pty) Ltd. This company still uses the New Beginnings Toffees Brand and all the other related brands. Dr. Ben de Klerk is the majority shareholder, Jan is a director and Joelean manages the retail shop.

In the beginning of 2010, the Snyder Family started making exclusive handmade toffees in their own home as a job creation project. Things were really tough and they had a lot to learn. But slowly but surely they became more innovative, first adding chocolate caramels to the range, then an extensive range of gifts. After two years they moved into small industrial premises and four years later to the bigger Centurion factory.

Along the way, they won quite a number of awards for their products. Apart from the Vintage Styled toffees and caramels, they are now producing a vast array of Gift Slabs for any occasion.

Price-wise these compare very favourably with a paper card, but the benefit is that a delicious gift is included. Innovation, customization and specialisation is our game as can be seen from the range of savoury – and wine infused caramels and the vast amount of wedding favours, turndowns, and corporate gifts we produced over the years for many satisfied customers.

The Orania factory is also producing a number of pecan nut products as well as looking at other lines utilising products from the area.


We Are More Than Just a Shop!

In Orania we have a unique and beautiful little factory shop where our products can be bought at wholesale prices.

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Or Shop Online

In Orania we have a unique and beautiful little factory shop where our products can be bought at wholesale prices. We also sell some other locally produced products to further local industries.

For a very long time, the products were mostly available from Festivals and markets and from a number of selected outlets. We never believed in supplying chain stores as we consider our product special and we also want to look after and protect our stockists. But so many people asked for the product that we decided to go on line and to give a much wider audience the opportunity to buy our product. It is very important for you to know how the shop works:

If you are a stockist or business that wants to use the product as customised gifts or turndowns, click the PRICE LISTS. Enter your business name and contact details and click send. Provided you are a bona fide business, a wholesale price list will be sent to you. The website is then used to visually look at and select the range of products and the designs of the Gift Slabs you would like to order.

If you are a couple planning your wedding, click PRICE LISTS and then select on Wedding Favours, enter your contact details and click send. You will be sent a price list and pictures of examples. From there you design your own.

If you buy for own use or a gift, enter your details and proceed to the shopping cart, Follow the instructions. For orders of more than R800.00, courier costs are included anywhere in South Africa. For orders less than R800.00 courier costs are for the customer’s account. Courier costs are payable on all wholesale orders as the cost price for resale is substantially lower than the retail prices quoted here on the site. 

Overseas courier costs/postage is entirely for your account.

Happy Shopping!.

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